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Huntsville, AL Frequency Change
October 17, 2014
Our station in Huntsville, AL has changed frequenceies. It is now broadcasting at 90.5 FM.

New Station In Mountain Home, ID
October 15, 2014
CSN is now broadcasting in Mountain Home, Idaho at 1240 AM.

CSN In Honolulu
October 15, 2014
CSN is now broadcasting in Honolulu, Hawaii at 91.1 FM.

Twisp, WA Frequency Change
October 12, 2014
Our station in Twisp, Washington has changed frequenceies. It is now broadcasting at 89.5 FM.

Kamilche (Delphi), WA Back On The Air
October 12, 2014
Our station that was in Delphi, WA is back on the air, broadcasting out of Kamilche, WA at 92.1 FM.

Fergus Falls, MN Frequency Change
September 26, 2014
Our station in Fergus Falls, Minnesota has changed frequenceies. It is now broadcasting at 88.1 FM.

Thomasville, GA Back On The Air
August 21, 2014
Our station in Thomasville, GA is back on the air, broadcasting at 107.5 FM.

CSN Off The Air In Enumclaw, WA
August 14, 2014
Our station in Enumclaw, WA is now broadcasting our sister station, The Effect, Modern Christian Rock. Listeners can tune into CSN on our Greenwater, WA station at 107.3 FM.

Station Changes In/Near Susanville, CA
August 7, 2014
CSN is now broadcasting in Susanville, CA at 88.9 FM and Johnstonville, CA at 103.7 FM.

New Station in Fort Smith, AR
June 25, 2014
CSN is now broadcasting in Fort Smith, Arkansas at 99.5 FM.

Great Falls, MT Frequency Change
June 23, 2014
Our station in Great Falls, Montan is now broadcasting at 106.9 FM.

Wellsville, UT Frequency Change
June 3, 2014
Our station in Wellsville, Utah is now broadcasting at 88.3 FM.

To report a station outage, please call 877.343.8556

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Hell Is For Real
Hell Is For Real
Many people believe that, eventually, everyone goes to heaven. Since the danger to people's souls is so great and eternal, Gary Frazier speaks boldly and compassionately as he teaches the full biblical teaching about what hell is and why it is so terrible.
Most of Frazier's warnings come directly from the lips of Jesus, since He taught more about hell than about any other subject, and more than any other inspired Bible teacher.

In this video, Frazier carefully explains the eternity of hell, a concept most unsaved just do not seem to comprehend. Hell is so real and so terrible, Frazier urges people to make the decision now to repent and ask forgiveness of sin through the blood sacrifice of Jesus, before God closes the age of grace.

Frazier ends his presenation with the plan of salvation, so this video becomes a valuable soul-winning tool.

Produced by Cutting Edge Films
Run time: 90 minutes
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